Here is a general topic on Craftbukkit, replacing the previous mod hMod.

CraftBukkit is still under development, the version available is not a full version but it works.

How to install craftbukkit?
In your control panel - go to Game mods, select craftbukkit development and click install. The server will automatically restart and launch craftbukkit.

How to update craftbukkit?
2 solutions:
- Reinstall it (the version available on the control panel is updated automatically every hour)
- Download craftbukkit.jar on, rename the downloaded file so that it has exactly the same name as your server and upload it to replace that of your server and then restart

How to install a plugin for craftbukkit?
Some plugins are preconfigured in our control panel and you just go to Game mods to install these. (Plugins names that start with "[Bukki]").
For additional plugins, visit the forum and you will find plugins in the plugins releases. Download the plugin .jar file and then upload it to /plugins folder of your server. For some plugins there may be additional installation instructions, you will find the instructions in the forum topic.

How to get admin?
The easiest way: install Craftbukkit then Permission (plugin) (located in Game mods), use the file manager to edit the file /plugins/Permissions/config.yml
At the end of config.yml replace the "darkgrave" (creator of the plugin) with your own nickname.
Restart Server

To use commands like /give and /setspawn, you must install a plugin like General (also preinstalled in our Control Panel)

If you are uncertain or need help, simply open a Support ticket in the control panel.