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    MineCraft Guide - Getting Started

    Getting started guide for Fragnets MineCraft servers and control panels

    First off - control panels
    Fragnet actually offers two different control panels for MineCraft, TCAdmin and McMyAdmin. Both are very useful panels and can be combined for the ultimate management tool.
    TCAdmin is our core Panel. This panel is launching the entire server process (including McMyAdmin). TCAdmin offers features like File Manager, Mod/Plugin installation, Sub users, Server logs and graphs etc. The weakness is the ability to interact with the actual MineCraft server. There is currently no way to query or interact with MineCraft server. Stopping the server is a non-graceful stop, meaning the cache in use can get lost (meaning changes to a world and recent acquired items can get lost.
    McMyAdmin (MCMA) is our second Panel for MineCraft servers only. This panel excels where TCAdmin is weak, namely the interaction and query part. MCMA offers features like Interactive console, graceful stop/restart, Backup/Restore functions, Scheduler (backups etc), server user/group manager etc. McMyAdmin do however lack File Manager and plugin installation features.

    Secondly - general server settings
    The MineCraft server uses a file called to define different settings for the server. This file sets things like whether to spawn animals or monsters, player-vs-player enabling or not, max amount of players etc.
    This file can be edited by clicking Default Config Files in TCAdmin and then Config Editor.You can also set most of the variables through McMyAdmin.
    Please notice that you can set the amount of players to any value, but your assigned RAM will limit you in the end.

    Third - mods and plugins
    Most server admins wishes to install plugins to add functionality to their server. The most used mod is Bukkit. Bukkit itself does not offer any additional functionality but is only a foundation for plugins to work. The actual plugins will add new functionality and there are a large amount of different plugins. The first plugin to get is a permission plugin and the three most commonly used are Permissions, GroupManager and EssentialsGroupManager.
    We recommend EssentialsGroupManager as this works best with McMyAdmin. The permission plugin will allow you to set admins and other types of users as well as define different groups with various permissions. To install EssentialsGroupManager, click on Game Mods (TCAdmin) and choose to install Essentials 2.5. This will install the plugin pack of Essentials. Please check our other topics as they include additional help and command references for Essentials and some other plugins.
    To make McMyAdmin use EssentialsGroupManager, click on Preferences > Server Features and choose GroupManager in Permissions Exporting. That way you can use McMyAdmin to administrate the users and groups of your server.
    TCAdmin offers a bunch of different pre-install plugins, found in Game Mods. These can be installed with a few mouse clicks. If you wish to add any other plugin, simply consult the installation instruction - which in most cases is to simply upload the plugin .jar file to your /plugins folder and then restart the server.
    We recommend for finding plugins. It is always useful to read other users comments, in case of problems or questions.
    Please note that each plugin requires it amount of RAM and that different plugins may not work together.

    Fourth - updating your server
    Every now and then we see new releases of MineCraft or Bukkit. McMyAdmin users may find update options in the About tab. TCAdmin offers Game Update or Game Mods for Bukkit. Please note that both panels are only using recommend releases.
    If you get a message about Outdated server when trying to connect, you may have to update your server. Updates may break plugins and if so, checking logs is a good start to see which plugin is not working.

    Fifth - this and that
    Some friendly advices:
    * If McMyAdmin is not working, reinstall it by installing McMyAdmin Part 1 and 2 in Game Mods.
    * Don't build in spawn area, as this can cause unnecessary lag.
    * Don't explore too much of your world, if not needed as this will increase RAM usage
    * If you need to delete files, you may have to stop your server first.
    * Don't add plugins ad hoc - add them one at a time to see that you don't get any errors.
    * Don't enable animals and monsters on smaller packages, as this can cause lag.
    * If you are experiencing problems, check server.log (found in Game Server Logs in TCAdmin)
    * If you need assistance - open a Support Ticket from within the Game Panel (TCAdmin)

    We will continue to add stuff to this guide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan|Fragnet View Post
    To make McMyAdmin use EssentialsGroupManager, click on Preferences > Server Features and choose Essentials in Permissions Integration. That way you can use McMyAdmin to administrate the users and groups of your server.
    Theres currently a problem with this setting according to the McMyAdmin team, you have to set Permissions Integration to "Group Manager" for the integration to work without errors.

    Official thread on their forum>>
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    Thanks for the Update!
    As we are living in a world of constantly changing MineCraft and all of it's plugin - this will happen every now and then.
    We will try to keep the Guide up-do-date!

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